Period Undies – Stress Free – What Works for You

Yes, you’ll want to read into these babies. Bring some change into your world, and take a look at another advancement alongside period cups in the sustainable women’s category – period undies.

What Undies? 

Underwear to replace your pad or tampon?

You know how you’v a designated pair of worn out underwear set aside for that time of month, with the acceptance they will forever have a stain as the sign of yet another leak? Well chuck them out, you’ve just come across their replacement. No more candy cane coloured, saggy, cotton disgrace to your womanhood.

These undies my fellow girls are designed to take on the flow. Any flow. Up to TWO TAMPONS worth of fluid. With multiple designs to accommodate various shapes, sizes, flows, and circumstances. Winning.

Day Wear – Overnight Wear – Sport Outings – Maternity Specific

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Are They Easy To Care For?

I know what you may be thinking, “Gross what do I do when it’s time to clean used ones?” Look, when you go the sustainable rout, take into account you are taking on a bit of responsibility and not just throwing everything into the trash from here on out.

When it’s time to change, simply rinse these undies with some cold water before throwing them in with the rest of your load of laundry. Then when the load is complete, hang them out to dry. Double positive here – Save dryer energy and care for them by allowing your undies to air dry. This will extend their life instead of beating them to kingdom come with heat in a tumble dryer. (1)

Where Or When Can I Wear Them?

Let’s cover a bit more detail on the use of these period concealing underwear.

→ If you are looking for something to give you peace of mind as a BACKUP to your tampon or period cup, these undies are for you.

→ If you just want them as a leak free, stress free NIGHT TIME undies, these are for you.

→ If you struggle with INCONTINENCE or excessive amounts of DISCHARGE, these are for you.

→ If you are looking to decrease the SWEAT patch that grows throughout yoga class, these are for you.

Companies are creating undies to accommodate just about any woman in any particular circumstance.  (1)

What Are They Made Of? What Makes These Period Proof?

So ingeniously, the bulk of these undies are designed with comfort, moisture wicking, and antibacterial properties in mind. The material to accomplish this is a combination of merino wool, bamboo and microfibre materials.

• Bamboo is primarily known for its soft comfortable textures. (Everyone wants a comfortable bum as they are going about their day.)

• Merino understood to be breathable, moisture wicking, odour resistant/antibacterial and the softest grade of wool. (2)

These materials are layered to combat fluids from leaking out, arranged to act as a shield to the outside world, leaving you stress free and capable of going about your day. The exact design of period undies remains a bit of a trade secret, so you’ll have to scout out a pair to try for yourself to see how they work first hand.  (1)

Friendly Healthy Reminder

Undies that eliminate the “leak” worry during that time of month.

Undies that save your bank account by eliminating the constant restock of pads or tampons.

Undies that promote sustainability through reuse.

Undies that care about your vagina if you are looking for an alternative option to potentially harmful, bacterial latching materials associated with pads and tampons.

Win Win Win Win.

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