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Believe it or not, it’s been a common topic of conversation amongst my friend circles. My lifestyle often lands me in outdoor scenarios; camping, van life in search of surf, outdoor recreation, hikes through rural mountain trails, you name it. Naturally, as one moves with and lives the outdoor lifestyle, it’s not a rare occasion […]

Sustainability Defined As outlined by Google dictionary, the word sustainability itself is a noun meaning the “ability to maintain.” More specifically, to AVOID depleting natural resources. So, turn that into an action (as humans in charge of this planet we’ve been deemed responsible for), to act sustainably would involve our efforts to MAINTAIN and CARE […]

Unsure about using tampons or what is the best decision for your personal health? Let’s unwrap these cotton plugs and look at some alternative methods. What are Tampons?  Designed by Dr. Earle C. Haas (a man curiously enough), tampons have been around since the early 1930s. The concept has changed very little in the past […]

Yes, you’ll want to read into these babies. Bring some change into your world, and take a look at another advancement alongside period cups in the sustainable women’s category – period undies. What Undies?  Underwear to replace your pad or tampon? You know how you’v a designated pair of worn out underwear set aside for […]

Girls! This one is for you. Over half the world’s population is female, and as it goes at some point and time we face the inevitable; puberty and our mentrual cycle. Every young teen’s nightmare, the working woman’s inconvenience, shark week, the red sea, whatever one may call it, it is what it is. As […]