Can Women Pee Standing Up? The Comic Reality

Believe it or not, it’s been a common topic of conversation amongst my friend circles. My lifestyle often lands me in outdoor scenarios; camping, van life in search of surf, outdoor recreation, hikes through rural mountain trails, you name it. Naturally, as one moves with and lives the outdoor lifestyle, it’s not a rare occasion to have to take care of a busting bladder.

Ladies, you know in our case we aren’t just looking for a small shrub or sampling to wee behind. Preferably a nice healthy hedge or thick tree so we can get right into the inevitable – squat. Can you imagine if guys had to resort to the squat? 

Can Woman Pee Standing Up?

I’ve said it many of time, “Guys have it so easy, just whip it out and face down wind.” In addition to this statement, the occasionally conversation arrives at, “What if us girls could pee standing up?” Is there another way? It is what it is, we are built different to the men, so we are left to resort to our creativity girls.

Have you ever tried it?

Reality Vs Imagery

There’s the half squat: you can’t be bothered to hover low over the ground for the full squat quad workout, so you give it half the effort with bent knees and aim between your feet. The downfall to the half squat is you had better fully removed your shorts/pants/undies cause there is no guarantee that stream is going to avoid soaking those, in fact its basically guaranteed. There’s also the rate at which liquid falls from a height higher than a few inches above the ground. We are talking major splash zone in regards to your feet, and also shoes if your haven’t removed those already.

The full stand: Please really? Might as well just call this one the leg soak. Once again if you haven’t put any kind of knee bend into it, all that urine is going straight into your shoe. When I was younger I was watching ‘The L Word’ and sure enough one of the lesbians in the show was able to take a full stand and manage a straight aimed stream. This always bothered me, never saw how it was possible, so I’ll just mark this one off as a nah.

There might be one scenario where it’s nearly realistic. 

The toilet straddle: you find yourself in a half fortunate scenario with public facilities. Upon entrance you quickly realise it might be safer to just hold it or find a bush outside, but your friends are gathered nearby, and you are about to bust, so you do what has to be done. Take one leg out of your shorts holding them to one side, face the back of the toilet in a straddle fashion, one leg either side, gentle knee bend and relief. Not always a guarantee every time, but a logical way to avoid having to sit or hover too close to a very questionable toilet seat.

My Friends Tell Me…

Yes, there are a few options open to us, but what if there was a potential solution to the modesty squat?

I’m always in favour of our health as women, and holding a busting bladder for too long until there is a more convenient place to relieve ourselves, isn’t always the most health promoting option. Holding it in can lead to an increase in chances of a UTI or yeast infection. Not ideal.

My friends tell me there is another option…what?

What does the phrase “Shewee” mean to you? Definitely caught my ear, so I looked it up, and sure enough, someone has designed a small compact portable device that allows us girls to stand and wee like a dude if we feel like it. Winning. Check it out HERE.

Classify it as you want, camping equipment, hiking gear, sustainable bladder consideration, gag gift, but bottom line, how good is the option to stand and wee girls? Forget seeking out the perfect bush, shrub, or tree trunk, you may have been freed of the inconvenience.

Check It Out

If you are still a bit caught off guard and need to look further into this, go check out my review on the Shewee, and see if it’s something that might add to the quality of your life.

Here’s to your health ladies.

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One thought on “Can Women Pee Standing Up? The Comic Reality

  1. I have a Shewee. One bit of advice: Practise using it to pee into the toilet with your clothes on. A little too much pressure can be messy! (Not recommended for use with tight jeans unless you are going to pull them way down.)

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